Reduce Turnover, Save Money

Staff turnover costs golf courses money. In an age where pennies are being pinched it is important to understand; the costs associated with turnover, why staff are leaving, and how to retain employees.

Advertising the job opportunity and interviewing potential employees costs money. New staff then require an orientation to get familiar with course policies and basic company information, more money. After orientation they need introductory training and will require added supervision throughout the season, you got it, more money. Added supervision leads to decreased productivity, golf course aesthetics suffer, and then that leads to a decrease in green fee revenue.

The majority of golf course staff leave because of a lack of opportunity to advance within the company. This can make an employee unhappy and will also contribute to low workplace morale. Lack of recognition for a job well done and failure to provide constructive criticism are also key contributors to turnover.

Turnover can be reduced through conscientious leaders, continuous training, positive feedback, and constructive criticism. Maintaining a high staff morale and having a positive work environment are the most important things for ensuring long term employees. Keeping employees doesn’t take money, it takes a good leader to keep them interested and committed to the course for the long term.

Remember that staff are the most important assets to golf courses, treat them like it. In addition, keep it interesting by training them on new duties or new equipment. Some employees would rather repeat their daily routine, and if that is the case, incorporate it, because it means they stay happy and the staff morale will stay up. Reducing turnover can be achieved without monetary incentives. Provide continuous training, keep them happy, treat them well, and let them enjoy it!

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